Gone Through Menopause? Why You Still Need Women's Healthcare Checkups

Posted on: 21 November 2022


If you've gone through menopause, you might think you've outlived the need for an OB/GYN. That's not the case though. You've gone through menopause, but you still need women's healthcare checkups. Many people think that women's healthcare checkups are only necessary during the childbearing years. But, women's health checkups are essential for good health, even after menopause. If you don't think you need to make an appointment with your gynecologist, read the list provided below. Here are four reasons to continue with women's healthcare appointments after menopause. 

Vaginal Changes

If you haven't had a gynecological checkup after menopause, it's time to schedule an appointment. Your vaginal area can go through a lot of changes. You might not realise this, but you need to continue getting pap smears after menopause. Not only that but there are other changes that you need to worry about. Some of those changes include vaginal dryness and irritation. Also, you might experience pain during intercourse after menopause. These are all reasons to see your gynecologist. 

Pelvic Prolapse

If you've been experiencing low back pain, or pelvic discomfort, it's time to see a gynecologist. This is especially important if you've gone through more than one pregnancy. As you age, your pelvic muscles and ligaments can weaken. When this happens, your bowels and bladder can drop into your pelvic cavity. This can cause low back pain. But, pelvic prolapse can also cause bowel and bladder incontinence. That means you could leak urine and fecal matter. A gynecologist can identify pelvic prolapse during your women's healthcare checkups. They can also get you on the right treatment program for your pelvic prolapse. 

Breast Exams

If you've gone through menopause, you still need to worry about breast health. That's where your annual women's healthcare checkups come into the picture. Many women stop worrying about breast exams after menopause. But, breast health becomes even more important after menopause. This is especially true if you're taking hormone-replacement medications. That's because hormone replacement medications increase your risk for breast cancer. In fact, the risk goes up, the longer you continue treatment with HRTs. That's why you need to continue with your women's healthcare checkups after menopause. 


If you're still sexually active, it's a good idea to continue with your women's health checkups. Menopause doesn't reduce your risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases. This is especially true if you and your partner aren't in a monogamous relationship. With early treatment, STDs shouldn't leave you with lasting symptoms.  

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