What Types of Treatments Can You Get Help With at a Women's Health Clinic?

Posted on: 12 October 2021


Women's health clinics offer a lot of valuable services for women. If you have never visited one of these clinics, then you might not be fully aware of all of the services that they have to offer. However, these are some of the different types of treatments that you can get help with at a local women's health clinic.

Menstruation-Related Issues

If you have menstruation-related issues, such as if you have heavy or irregular periods, this could be an indication of a health condition. Plus, it's probably important to you to get the issue taken care of.

Treatment for STIs and STDs

If you are sexually active, it is important for you to be tested regularly for sexually transmitted infections and sexually transmitted diseases. A women's health clinic can help with the necessary testing, can assist with providing treatment if you do end up testing positive for an STI or STD and can talk to you about ways that you can protect yourself from STDs and STIs.

Fertility Issues

If you want to get pregnant but are having trouble conceiving, you might be worried that you will never be able to get pregnant. At a women's health clinic, you can have fertility testing done, you can get recommendations about things that you can try to help increase your chances of getting pregnant, and you can even find out about medications and other options that might help you with getting pregnant.

Hormone Disorder Treatment

If you suffer from hormone disorders — such as polycystic ovarian syndrome — then it's important to address the issue. After all, hormone disorders can cause fertility issues, can affect mood and can cause health issues. Luckily, women's health clinics typically provide this type of care, or they can refer you to a specialist.

Birth Control

If you are sexually active and would like to avoid getting pregnant, or if you are interested in taking birth control for other reasons, then you should definitely consider getting help from a women's health clinic. They can tell you more about your birth control options, can help you choose the birth control option that is most suitable for you and can provide a prescription for your chosen birth control.

Pregnancy and Childbirth

If you are pregnant, then you should definitely schedule an appointment with a local women's health clinic as soon as possible. Then, you can get the care that you need during your pregnancy so that you and your unborn child will both be as healthy as possible. A doctor from the women's health clinic might even help you with giving birth, or they can refer you to another doctor for this.