How to Use and Protect Your Hearing Aids During Exercise and Sports

Posted on: 29 September 2016


Hearing loss should not stop you from enjoying the occasional morning run, basketball game or other exercise or sport that you take part in. However, most people who use hearing aids have concerns regarding possible damage to hearing aids during sports. While it is possible for the hearing aids to get spoilt during vigorous exercise, there are measures that you can take to prevent this. Read on to find out how you can make use of your hearing aids and protect them when exercising and playing your favourite sport.

Prevent the build up of moisture

Moisture buildup in your hearing aids is the biggest challenge that you are likely to face during sports. Moisture that results from sweating and body heat that's generated during exercise can ruin the internal circuit system of the hearing aids. If this happens, you may be forced to replace the device. Since hearing aids are quite costly depending on the quality, it is essential to protect them from moisture. You can purchase moisture resistant pouches that are specially made to safeguard the electronics in your hearing aids from moisture. Alternatively, you can wear a sweatband when exercising to protect your hearing aids.

Note that using your hearing aids in the swimming pool may not be a wise idea. The protective pouches may not keep water from seeping into the circuit system. You can remove the aids when taking a swim and put them on once you are done.

Protect hearing aids from damage

It is possible for hearing aids to fall off during vigorous sports such as basketball, football and hockey. Once they fall off, they can easily get damaged, especially if they get trampled on in the cause of the game. You can protect the hearing aids from being knocked off by purchasing a device that attaches to the hearing aids and clips onto your tee or vest. Several manufacturers produce these gadgets; therefore, ensure that you choose quality and durable ones.

Clean hearing aids after sports

Cleaning your hearing aids after sports can prolong their usable life and maintain their functionality. Brush off the dust and debris that may have collected on the surface. You can also invest in a self-contained drying unit that's used for storing hearing aids overnight. Aside from storage, the unit keeps the hearing aids and sanitises them to get rid of bacteria that could cause an ear infection.

Wearing hearing aids does not have to stop you from engaging in games and sports. Observe these measures to ensure that your hearing aids remain safe and protected as you hit the gym or field.